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In the years BM (Before Monster)

The world was a dark place... until 2nd March 2007 when Dazzling Dummies Ltd was born! That's right we didn't start off as Monsters, we had a long way to go. Here’s our old logo:


We branched out & started our infamous racking range

This was a pretty big deal as the Monster Racking brand would go on to be one of our best sellers; from shop dummies to garage shelving, you can tell our product selection has been unique from the very beginning!


The tasty Monster Chef range arrives

To follow on from the success of Monster Racking, we diversified even more with Monster Chef! This range offered our KuKoo kitchen equipment for both domestic and commercial use.


Moving on up now

When things began to take off we needed more space for the products and staff. Relocating to a small warehouse was a big step that allowed us to develop as a company.


Let automated dispatch commence....

Up until now it was taking approximately 30 minutes to process one order… but with automated dispatch in place it now takes less than 2 minutes!


Dazzling Dummies became Monster Group (UK) Ltd

As we made way for some new Monster product ranges including Monster Doodles and Monster Scales, it was a smart move to officially declare ourselves as Monsters #MonsterBorn (roar).


We moved house and found a home.

In 2014, we were still hungry for more space so we bit the bullet and purchased our first site 'Monster House' in Sheriff Hutton, York. It was built especially for us and today it functions as our very own head office


MonsterShop - alive and kicking

This was a big day in our history, MonsterShop is the online combination of all brands and product ranges, giving customers the chance to browse everything in one place. It was one of the largest projects in our history and the website continues to grow.


First York, now Scunthorpe

With more orders, products and staff we needed to invest in a bigger space - so we began dispatching from a second distribution centre, this time in Scunthorpe.


Monster Shop EU Website Goes Live!

After experiencing HUGE growth on our MonsterShop UK website and EU sales in general we expanded MonsterShop into Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands!


All good things come in 3's!

Behold, 2019, saw the opening of our third distribution centre in one of Europe’s largest logistical hotspots, allowing us to dispatch more and more wonderful products to our Monster European customers.


And that leads us to today

We dispatch over 4,000 parcels each week from 3 sites (Sheriff Hutton, Scunthorpe & Venlo) and in 12 years we’ve had over a million happy customers!

Fancy meeting the Monster Group team? Then check out our Meet The Team page below...

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